Introduction to iFreeTools Creator

iFreeTools Creator is an online database application builder. It enables defining one or more related Entities (or "tables") and their Attributes (or "fields") and to start using your database app within minutes.

Features available in iFreeTools Creator include :
  • Automatically generated forms
  • Automatically generated List Views with quick paging, instant search, sorting and instant details
  • Automatically generated Chart Views (Pie, Bar charts) and Calendar Views
  • Automatically generated Detailed Views, with related records lists
  • Custom Views to filter out records using criteria, including user-based and time-based template criteria
  • Bulk-Operations support (Add, Edit and Delete)
  • Custom Actions to save bulk-edit as single-click actions
  • Export and Import of records as CSV
  • Support for importing Google Contacts directly into the database
  • Automated Audits of all write operations
  • Access Control up to field level using Authorization Profiles
  • Geo-Point support to mark and view entries on Google Maps
  • Support for Image fields (with thumbnails in list views), List fields
  • Forum-like comments/discussion support for each record
  • Support for attaching files from Google Docs to database records 
  • Re-branding the app with your Business Name and Logo
  • Support for time-zone configuration
  • Support for Unicode data
  • Bulk-emails using mail-merge templates (preview release)
  • Sub-domain mapping like (requires Google Apps)
iFreeTools Creator is a multi-tenant application (uses shared resources to accommodate multiple businesses within the same deployment) build for and hosted over Google App Engine. It is free for up to 10 users (ad-supported) and includes free email support.

You can also have a single-tenant deployment (allocates dedicated resources for single business) of iFreeTools Creator, hosted in your Google App Engine account, the pricing for which starts at $99/year for up to 25 users, going to a maximum of $297/year for unlimited users. See here for more details on pricing

iFreeTools Creator requires nothing more than a Google Account to get started.